Don't These Mistakes with your Smart phone

Smartphone has become the nearest friend to us. We can't spend a single day without our dear phone. But we don't know how to behave with our nearest smart phone. Sometimes we make mistake with our smart phone. These mistakes can damage our phone.
So, in this tutorial I have discussed some android tips which should be followed to keep your phone safe. If you follow these instructions, you will stay safe and also your phone will be long lasting.

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Don't These Mistakes with Your Smart phone

Android tips

#1. Don't Play Games while phone is charging.

Games attracts especially child and youths. They spend much time in gaming. In 2018-19 many attractive games came to market. These types of games consume much time but the player who plays the game can't understand the passing of time. While they see the mobile battery is low, they go on. Even they play games while phone is charging. This is a big mistake. It can damage phone's battery and also the phone. So, skip this habit.

#2. Don't use internet while phone is charging.

Internet has  an important role in this digital world because without internet every thing is useless. Millions of people in every country use internet especially in social media. Social media has become part and parcel of our life. We spend much time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, instragram and also YouTube.
But we forget the proper use of smart phone. What I want to say that don't use internet while your phone is charging because this bad habit can reduce the life span of battery, charger and also your phone.

#3. Don't pressure your phone while phone is charging.

Don't keep heavy things on your smart phone while it is charging because it increases an extra temperature of your phone. So, keep your phone pressure free while charging.

#4. Don't overcharge your smart phone.

We have a bad habit. I know you have also. If not, I respect you.
What is our bad habit?
We use our smart phone all the day then at night we leave our phone for charging overnight. Regular overcharging can damage your phone and battery. It may be dangerous also.
So, stop this bad habit from today. Always try to charge your phone between 95% to 98%. It is safe.

#5. Uninstall the Unused Apps.

Too many apps can reduce your phone's operating power and make your phone slow. So, think well which apps you rarely use. Delete or uninstall them. If you need you will download later. This will increase your phone's operating speed.

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