How to Check Docomo Balance | All updated USSD Codes | Prepaid & Postpaid

Hey! Do you want to check Docomo balance? Do you want to check Tata Docomo net balance? Here is the complete updated USSD codes list to check Docomo balance, validity, offers, net balance, SMS balance etc. If you read this article , you will definitely get a complete updated USSD codes of Tata Docomo. In this tutorial we have discussed step by step all the USSD codes and SMS number of Docomo.

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How to check Docomo Balance | Updated USSD Codes list 2020

How to check Tata Docomo Balance

In this article we have given the updated and accurate USSD Codes list of Tata Docomo to check balance, validity, offers and other services. You can follow the USSD Codes & their function.

Tata Docomo USSD Codes & their Function

Function                                     USSD Codes

Tata Docomo
Balance Check:                      *111# or *191#

3G/4G Internet
Data Balance:                          *111*1#

Tata Docomo
Best Offer Check:                    *123#

Tata Docomo Mobile
Number check:                        *580#

Tata Docomo Loan
USSD Codes:                            *123#

Tata Docomo
Last 3 recharges Check:          *444#

Tata Docomo
Balance Enquiry Check:          *191*2#

Tata Docomo
Validity Check:                           *191*3#

Tata Docomo
Service Check:                            *191*4#

Tata Docomo
Last 3 recharges Check:            *191*5#

Tata Docomo Start/Stop
Sevices Check:                            *191*7#

Tata Docomo Service
Request Check:                            *191*8#

Tata Docomo
Daily SMS Count:                      *191*9*3#

Tata Docomo Daily
Data Check Check:                    *191*9*4#

Tata Docomo
Daily Call Check  Check:           *191*9*5#

Tata Docomo Prepaid
Bill Request Check:                    *191*9*6#

Tata Docomo
Special Offers Code:                  *191*9*8#

Tata Docomo 3G
Internet Packs Check:               *141*1#

Tata Docomo GPRS
Net Packs Check:                      *141*4#

Tata Docomo Discount
Zone code:                                 *141*8#

Tata Docomo
Unlimited Music Code:             *141*6#

Tata Docomo Balance Check via SMS

if you want to check Docomo Balance, validity, offers and data balance via SMS , you can send SMS from the following list.
Status.                                   SMS
Tata Data               
Balance Check :                  SMS 'DATA' to121

Tata Docomo
Balance Check:                   SMS 'BAL' to 121

Check Tata Docomo Postpaid Balance

If you are using Tata Docomo Postpaid sim card and want to check balance, validity and offers, see the following SMS list. Just type SMS from your smart phone and send to 121. After sending the respective SMS you will get the details which you want to know.

Function                              USSD Codes
To get last 3 payment
details Send:.                SMS “PYMT” to 121 

To activate daily
unbilled usage alert:   SMS “UNSUB BILL”
                                                  to 121

To activate daily unbilled
usage alert:              SMS “SUB BILL” to 121 

 To Deactivate daily
unbilled usage alert:  SMS “UNSUB BILL”               
                                                  to 121

To get last 3 payment:  SMS “PYMT” to 121 

 To check Credit Limit:   SMS “CL” to 121  

To get one-time
Usage information:       SMS “BILL” to 121 

 To stop paper
bill & subscribe
to e-bill:       SMS “EBILL < your   email id >”
                                      to 121

 To get details of current
charges:                             SMS “CUR BILL”
                                                        to 121

 To get outstanding
bill details:                          SMS “BIL” to 121

  To change or
update email id: SMS “EMAIL < your email                                                       id >”to 121

Thus, you can easily check Docomo prepaid and postpaid plan, main balance, data balance, validity, offers and other services which you want to check.
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