What is Blogging | Differences between Blog and Website

Are you beginner to blogging? Do you want to know about blogging? Do you want to start blogging? In this tutorial I have discussed this in a very simple words so that a beginner can understand easily.

What is blogging ? Differences between Blog and Website.

what is blogging, blog vs website
Here, I have written a detailed post about blog and website. If you read this article I am sure you will get a complete idea about Blogging and website. In this digital world both blog and website are very popular. Both have a great potential in digital marketing.

Let's get started...

What is blogging?

I know you are still reading this post. This is a blog post. This type of website or web page is called blog. Blogging means  writing contents and publishing them on regular basis on a webpage or website.
For example I write contents or articles about different tutorial and publish them on this website on regular basis. So, this is a blog and I am a blogger.

What is blogger?

Blogger means a person who publish and update articles on his individual website regularly. He also takes part in the conversation on the comment section of his blog to reply his visitors. He is called blogger. There are many blogger in India and in the world. They  publish articles on their personal blog about different niches.

Difference between Blog and Website.

Blog is a personal website or web page on which an individual publish or share his opinion, experience, knowledge etc on a regular basis so that the visitors can read his articles.

Website has many function and it can be used for various purposes. This type of website can be personal website or a corporate website for a company or a government website or an organization website, etc. 
In a blog a person shares his opinion, thought, idea, knowledge, experience etc in a chronological order ( Newer post appears first) basically about one niche( topic).

In a website the respective organization or government creates different pages to help customer or people.
In a blog an individual share his knowledge, thought, experience, opinion and and other creative works.

For example :
I started this blog about different online tutorial. My aim is to share my knowledge and experience what I have gained. I write articles about Telecom, Android Tips, Banking, Blogging etc.

There are many blog about different topics such as health, beauty, recipe, education, finance, personal development, motivation etc. There are thousands of topics in blogging industry.

In a website an organization or government publishes respective information, service, products etc on the pages of the website.

For example:
Company updates their products or services on their website. Such websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Google etc

Government updates information on their website or portal. Such as Government's health website publishes health related information. Education website publishes education related information.

In a blog visitors can comment and get reply from the blog writers. This is a place of conversation also. You can comment below of this article and I will reply.

In a website generally there is no scope of doing comment and getting reply.

I hope you have got a complete idea of the differences between Blogging and Website.
In the above article I have given an idea about what is Blogging.

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