Some aspects of Social Media

Social Media has become the most powerful medium to express opinion, expression, idea, knowledge etc. It has many positive  and negative aspects. We use social media without knowing it's negative aspects.

Everything has two sides negative and positive. But the most important thing is to choose only the positive aspects. If we don't know which is good for us, it will affect us.

Today in this article I have discussed some aspects of social media which are negative aspects and positive aspects.

Negative & Positive Aspects of Social Media

I have discussed below some positive and negative aspects of social media. I think everyone should know these before using social media. Read this article.

Positive Aspects of Social Media:

Social Media has many positive aspects which are discussed below.
1. Social Media has become the source of information and knowledge because today there are many pages on social media which share knowledge.

2. Social Media is accessible to all the people of different countries, religion, caste etc.

3. On social media everyone has the right to share opinion, knowledge and experience.

4. Now almost all the news company share the breaking news on social media. So, all the visitors can read the news when they are out of home.

5. Social Media connects us to our old friends.

6. Everyone can share and store their photos and memories which social media protects.

7. When anyone faces problem, he or she can come to social media for help.

Negative  Aspects of Social Media:

Social Media has some negative aspects to us for different reasons. This is not the mistake of social media. We make some mistakes.
1. Social Media consumes our potential time. Time is the most valuable thing in the universe. We spend much time on social media. Specially the youths who are the future of this world spend their valuable time on social media. I am not saying that social media is responsible for this. We are responsible for this. We should understand the value of time.

2. Too much use of social media we can't focus on our work. Specially the students can't focus on their study which is more important than social media.

3. For social media we forgot the need of face to face conversation.

4. Some people use social media for bad intention as it is accessible to everyone.

So, we have to use social media for good purposes.We have to avoid it's bad aspects and accept it's good ones.

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